Good morning Bath!

Saw some almost pure white daffodils on my circuit walk up to Upper Swainswick today. I know they come in many different varieties but that is a new one on me.

Terry Basson is also showing off some spring flowers in his email to me but – before we admire the hyacinths – a tale about a feathered friend and an added appreciation of nature now his cataracts have been removed.

Terry writes:

“Good morning Bath!

Woke early today, made first cuppa and watched, whilst clutching my cup, a blackbird frantically building a nest in our standardtrained Bay tree. Right beside the back door, right handy like for picking leaves for stews/soups.

A blackbird in my garden!

Blackbirds make friends with humans if you show kindness to them – it is a well recorded fact. As I watched the female with a ‘gob’ full of leaves for her nesting material, she looked me in the eye and flew into the bay leaves at my shoulder height without any fear of me.

I am excited as a kid would be when off to a play park. Little does the blackbird know, that when I was ten I stole her skyblue eggs for my egg collection!

So now I am old with my sight fully restored by the RUH – I have been gifted again with the grace of whoever made us, to enjoy a summer with nature.

I feel sad that Blackbirds live very short lives only 3 – 4 years . 

Terry’s hyacinths

My garden room Hyacinths are wafting their perfume in the air around our coffee break today”!