Bollards for Bath

Bollards feature big in an email l have received from Michael Noakes. He writes:

“My slogan ‘Bollards for Bath’ may remind you of an unsavoury and crude political slogan in relation to Brexit but mine is polite!

You recently wrote about the hoped for repairs to the fountain in Laura Place and included a photograph (? Edwardian) showing bollards surrounding and protecting the fountain so why not reinstate them to prevent collisions by vehicles.

Coincidentally this week’s edition of Autocar (yes I confess I like cars!) shows an excellent idea for locating EV chargers in bollards (see attached photograph from the magazine).

Image from Autocar Magazine.

Obviously this combination would not be suitable where parking is not possible but, further to my recent email about the proposed security zone, I would have thought there would be several locations where such a combination can be used in Bath also offering the function of protection to pedestrians.”

Over to you folks.

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  1. I understand in some places householders without garages or driveways are resorting to a basic alternative to charge their EVs – of wires across the pavement. I was a bit concerned about the trip hazard this would result in but I understand many councils have come up with the simple solution of allowing channels in pavements.

    Unfortunately our council highways dept turned down my request to be allowed to do this – quoting the historic nature of our pavements. I pointed out the pavement outside our house in Newbridge wasn’t at all historic and already had an unsightly medley of different utilities crisscrossing the pavement tarmac. Sadly the Council was not to be budged. Disappointing as surely this would be a great way for communities to invest in their own neighbourhoods EV infrastructure.

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