Now you see them …

Must say the work being carried out within Sydney Gardens on regenerating this historic park has already made a great difference to its appearance. This really is a green jewel in the city’s open spaces crown.

A new vista in Sydney Gardens.

However, what bugs me at this time of the year is, just as the narcissi and crocus plants begin to make a glorious colourful showing, the dogs – not on leads – are busy trampling through them.

Narcissus flowers don’t stand a chance.

What is the point of bothering to plant these spring bulbs if they are going to enjoy such a brief display before being laid waste?

Paw prints amongst the plants.

This is a space for everyone and not just a run-free exercise yard for our four-legged friends.

Another patch of flattened buds.


  1. It’s not only dogs,Richard. The plethora of families and kids using the parks seven days a week during lockdown and the extreme rainfall have resulted in all Bath parks becoming quagmires.

  2. I’m not sure that is a dog’s paw mark – I think it could be badger. Can’t tell if there are four pads (dog) or five (badger) but the claw marks are suggestive. That would account for the squashed plants. Up at Bushey Norwood, it’s human footprints on the squashed snowdrops.

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