Ever looking forward

Well, here we are. It’s Christmas Eve and we’re about to open the door on a festive gathering that will be remembered – hopefully – as a brief happy period in what has been an awful and dark year – full of fear, sadness and loss.

Even without the Pandemic, we islanders are facing an uncertain future. One that l – personally- had hoped l would never live to see. I can but keep my fingers crossed that l am still around to witness us returning to our true European destiny.

Seems history leaves a stain on human DNA so all the religious and political conflicts of our past are carried forward with each somewhat bigoted generation. If only we could wash hatred from our hearts – let alone our skin.

At least we live in an age where – through social media and the telephone – we can reach out to friends and family who cannot be with us.

It’s through social media that l thank you for following Bath Newseum and hope to welcome even more people on board next year!

Treasure every festive moment you can, stay safe and please reach out to those who are not as blessed with family and home.

We also must remember those still at work during this holiday period – many caring for the sick and others still busy vaccinating the healthy but vulnerable.

Don’t forget, Christmas celebrates the birth of a baby born in a stable and not a palace.

Just for a change, l decided to look forward to spring rather than use a snow scene for my visuals.

I wanted to seek the light and re-birth and – hopefully – the release 2021 will eventually bring from this nightmare.

Big, imaginary hugs all round.


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