It’s our future

How would you like to see Bath change for the better once Covid 19 is behind us? Well, residents are being invited to join in the process of developing #OneSharedVision for how Bath and North East Somerset could recover from the pandemic and address the wide-ranging impacts experienced across our community.

The vision would also ensure that recovery and rebuilding helps achieve a stronger, more resilient, fairer, greener, and by 2030, net zero place.

A series of ‘stories’ have been developed about how people could work together to achieve a stronger, low carbon and more inclusive economy. They are set out in each of the challenges below.

They describe a future where the workforce could be reskilled through digital technology and innovation and where living and working could become more localised, reducing the need to travel and allowing nature to thrive.

The stories have been developed through collaboration with local businesses, the public sector, the university and education sector as well as community, third sector organisations and other stakeholders, on behalf of the new Economic Recovery and Renewal Board (ERRB), chaired by the Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council.  

The council has committed to providing the leadership to enable Bath and North East Somerset to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2030. The stories explore what this change may look like and consider how new models of finance and investment might give local people and businesses a greater stake in creating the infrastructure that will be needed to reduce both carbon emissions and social divides.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the development of #OneSharedVision online from December 9 to December 18 at

Councillor Dine Romero, council Leader, said: “It is really important that we create, with you, a shared vision that everyone in the community can get behind to help us recover from the Covid crisis. We need a stronger, more diverse and greener economy and we need to work together in partnership to deliver it.

“#OneSharedVision is the result of the partnership work done so far to create options for how the future could look for Bath and North East Somerset. Now we’d like to give everyone to participate in the development of the plans by letting us know what you like about the stories and what you’d like to change or add. You can also rate and comment on what other people have said.” 

After December 18, the council will review all of the contributions made through the development process, including comments made through the One Shared Visions webpage, along with the stakeholder interviews, surveys and workshops that have taken place this autumn and winter. Watch this space for a progress update early in 2021 on the development of One Shared Vision.

Find out more about how the council is tackling the climate emergency at