A vision for Bear Flat.

Changing what is a pleasant neighbourhood into an even better community.

That, says the Bear Flat Association, is the aim of its ‘Vision for its Local Centre’ which has just been published.

The aim – it says – is to make Bear Flat a friendlier place for shopping and meeting people.

BFA’s eight-point plan includes:

• Reconfigure the Wellsway carriageway to yield more space for walking and cycling

• Provide more landscaping to green the Local Centre 

• Redesign Hayes Place as a real place for people.

The Vision also aims to promote the Local Centre. Bear Flat lies on the main road south from Bath City centre, but many are not aware of what the local centre offers. 

A Vision for Bear Flat Centre is now on our web site at http://bearflat.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/BEAR-FLAT-CENTRE-.pdf

In his Foreword, Local Councillor Winston Duguid says: ‘The BFA’s vision and its campaigns .. will safeguard and enhance the future of a great and highly desirable part of Bath.’.

BFA consulted residents and traders in formulating its Vision and their responses are quoted in the paper.

BFA is now embarking on ways to make the Vision a reality, not only by pressing the Council and others to act but also by its own initiatives.

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  1. Fully support BFA in their endeavours. It is true that currently Bear Flat is just a ‘nuisance’ to car drivers heading for the city centre, and has no sense of ‘place’ as a result. I would also suggest creating something like a ‘Roman Fosseway’ trail linking the city centre and Bear Flat bringing trade to any cafe / hospitality venue / shop in that area.

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