New ideas for dealing with waste.

Let’s cut down on cross-city traffic and dot our recycling and refuse centres around Bath.

That’s what B&NES would like to do and residents are being invited to take part in a “once in a generation” opportunity to shape plans for where they go.

The council is asking for ideas on the new waste and recycling centres it is planning for the city. The council has also commissioned a professional site search for recycling centres in Bath.

Land at Odd Down has already been consulted on as a potential site for a new household waste and recycling centre, as well as a new reuse facility. However, the council is currently identifying the potential for additional sites for new waste and recycling facilities, to reduce the need for traffic movements across the city, to address the climate emergency and improve air quality.

It is now seeking people’s views on possible site locations, as well as asking for ideas on how we can make recycling easier, how we help people recycle more, and suggestions for encouraging re-use.

Councillor Dave Wood, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services, said: “Ensuring modern, easily-accessible waste and recycling centres for residents is important for tackling the climate emergency. Our intention is that Bath residents will have a number of household waste and recycling centres they can use in the city to make recycling as easy as possible. I also want to increase the range of things we can recycle. I am concerned that previous proposals, for example for just one site at Odd Down, don’t reflect the need to reduce car travel to tackle the climate emergency. Back in the 1990s we pioneered kerbside recycling and I think it’s time we made another ‘step change’. We need to think differently and come up with more locally-based, innovative approaches. That’s why we’ve decided to invite people to put forward their views”

 “We want to see modern, user-friendly centres that make recycling easier, complementing the regular kerbside collections received by residents and providing additional new services such as re-use and repair.”

The search for potential sites will be completed in time for options to be reported to cabinet within the 2020/21 financial year.

To put forward your suggestions please email

The closing date for suggestions is Friday 1st January

The council has adopted the following key principles to identify the new centres

  • Reducing car journeys
  • Making recycling easier- and make it more difficult for people to throw things away without recycling
  • Accommodating household “clear-outs” where they’re needed, encouraging re-use and repair

Midland Road depot in Bath currently provides household waste and recycling facilities. It was built in the 1980s and has been condemned as “not fit for purpose” in 2018 and its layout presents significant health and safety risks.