Our town.

I wasn’t the only person having a nosey ‘in town’ yesterday. Paul Polden writes:

“For our daily exercise yesterday Cherril and I decided to walk into Bath last night to see the illuminated decorations and new “Stotherts Bridge.”

Not many people about. However, here are a couple of observations on our journey worthy of note:

1. There are still homeless people camping in shop doorways. We encountered a couple in a shop doorway in Milsom Street. I was obviously of the mistaken belief that these folk were being given refuge during lockdown? Obviously not.

2. It was so lovely to hear the Abbey bells chiming away. They were so refreshing to hear.

3. There were a number of youths congregating in groups in Southgate not socially distancing from each other. Do the Safety Team work at weekends?

4. There is no sign of the return of Silcox, Son & Wicks. I’m just wondering whether my favourite furniture retailer will ever come back? I hope so. 

Anyway, still enjoying your Wyatt’s Walks and news from Bath Newseum.”

Thanks for that Paul.