Making a stand for bikes.

Midweek already, and a real chill in the early morning air – here in the Woolley Valley.

This morning we’ll talk about Bath Record Office, bolts on bike stands and what exactly will fill the voids being created in our city centres.

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  1. I seem to recall in an earlier blog you were told that the Council had a whole stack of the hoop stands back at the depot. I know they had their own fixture problems but at least the bike stayed attached to the stand!

    At least as worrying for me, though, is that – following on from the tacky red street furniture in Union Street – the use of these cheap-looking bike stands further suggests that B&NES has abandoned any interest in creating a high quality, co-ordinated public realm with bespoke street furniture . Since the resignation of Rhodri Samuels is there anyone at B&NES involved in this or was all that extensive consultation and expensive design wasted?

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