Do we really want back to normal?

Elsewhere on this page, you will find a story ‘Over to you Bathonians‘ which carries a statement from B&NES about temporary pavement widening – on certain streets – to enable people to pass at a safe distance as shops and offices start to re-open.

I was hoping to see more concrete plans to pedestrianise central streets – eg Milsom Street –  and the removal of on-street parking in certain areas, but the Council says only that such ‘restrictions’ are ‘being considered’.

B&NES wants to ‘ take the people with it’ on any long term – and more permanent improvements – and is going LIVE with a  ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ website next week for residents to share their views.

People can sign up for it now at

Councillor Joanna Wright is cabinet member for Transport Services, and told Bath Newseum what was behind the announcement:

Schemes like this will clearly benefit those walking and cycling, however, there are some people who will find the changes harder to manage.  It is not easy to get the balance right.

Bath is a particularly difficult city in which to make changes due to its historic nature and the complicated layout of roads, which are often narrow and on a gradient.

This is a work in progress which some may not want, but there are many calling for substantial changes to help facilitate social distancing.  It is a fine balancing act, but we must move forward and put in place changes so that everyone can remain safe”

I do appreciate how difficult it is to keep everyone happy but some might say this just sounds like yet another consultation and that a definite move now –  e.g. closing Milsom Street – even if only temporarily, would show the council means business.

I leave it to others to share their views.


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  1. Yes, best not to hold your breath.
    At least there’s no more inane talk, as we had with the previous clueless administration of trams.

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