Art for safety’s sake.

What did your youngsters get up to during the lockdown?

Well, l can tell you that many children living on Bailbrook Lane – in the city’s Lambridge Ward – have been busy making posters – under parental supervision of course – to try and make passing motorists more aware of their safety in what has long been a dangerous rat-run.

One of the lane’s residents is Richard Clist. He told Bath Newseum:

‘Bailbrook Lane, as you know, is very narrow and twisty. Most cottages in the village have gates on to the lane. There are no footpaths.


For very many years residents have fought to get some controls on traffic volumes and speeds mainly because it is now a very popular “rat-run”

from the London Road, in Batheaston, joining Ferndale and Deadmill Lane contributing to the traffic issues, which I am sure you are aware of, in around Larkhall.

The Council some years back decreed it as an “access only” route but this has not been monitored for many years. Very recently after pressure from residents the speed limit was reduced from 30mph to 20 mph. This, however, is seldom observed by “rat-runners”.


The village has a younger population now and with the building of Eveleigh Gardens, there are more children in the area many of which attend the schools in Larkhall. Walking through Bailbrook can be a risky business. 

As a formal cycle route that too can be a concern. It is also worth noting that the lane feeds public footpaths leading to Swainswick Lane and Solsbury which generates further foot traffic.

Poster making images courtesy of Richard Clist. Current distancing rules were complied with!

The Council is fully aware of the resident’s concern but recently the parents of the children in the village decided on this campaign. Signs – drawn up by the kids – which they hope will influence the actions of drivers.

It’s worth noting that this has been an ongoing concern for very many years. It is good that a new generation with new energy is carrying it forward!

Thanks for that Richard and well done to all the families on Bailbrook Lane who took part.