Picture perfect.

I have to thank  Bath Riverside resident Kejian Yuan for some quite beautiful visuals that have been sent in for me to use on this site.

In an email he says:

Thanks for your Bath Newseum from which I have learnt and benefited a lot. As a permanent resident, I love Bath very much not only because of its deep cultural heritage but also its natural and human environments.


I have been living in Royal View, Bath Riverside since the beginning of 2018. I like the style of our building.


In the meantime, I enjoy more the nice and fantastic view of our Elizbeth Park as well as the River Avon and the Victoria Bridge just beside our building.


In the past two month, however,  the Elizbeth Park where the residents usually walked, chatted and did the exercise has suddenly become empty due to the impact of Coronavirus and the requirements of the British Government for keeping social distance.


Facing such a scene, I could not help but recorded it with my camera. Now I am just sharing with you some of the photos I took from March until the last week, hope you like them.”


Kejian says that he and his wife love Bath very much,  “not only because of its deep cultural heritage but also its human, natural and historical environments. I remember every year this time was a golden period for tourists from all over the world.

Unfortunately, however, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, our former bustling old town has become so deserted today. It is my sincere hope that our old Bath town can reappear its glory in the near future.”


Thank you for some lovely pictures!