School offer figures

Looks like most parents got the primary school of their choice according to figures released by the local authority.

Almost every family in Bath and North East Somerset has been offered one of their overall preferences for primary school places in 2020-21.

Figures out today show 98.08 per cent of applications received one of their overall preferences with 93.05 per cent getting their first preference of primary school.

The total number of applications received from Bath and North East Somerset residents was 1828.

Of them, 1701 children got their first preference school, 76 pupils were offered their second preference and 16 pupils offered their third preference.

Figure show 35 pupils were not offered a place at any of their preferences and were offered a place at their next nearest school with a place available. This process is known as referrals.

Councillor Kevin Guy, the cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “This is another great result and I want to thank our teams who have worked in these challenging times to ensure families got one of their overall preferences.

“We have a good and effective range of primary schools in Bath and North East Somerset and just over 98 per cent of applications for this year got one of their overall preferences.”

Below are the % for this year compared with the last academic year.

2020/21 2019/20
1st Preferences 93.05% 1st Preferences 93.6%
2nd Preferences 4.15% 2nd Preferences 4.0%
3rd Preferences 0.88 3rd Preferences 1.4%
Referrals 1.92% Referrals 1.0%