Painting a picture.

Nice to put a face to a name. The man – pictured above with a painting brush in hand – is Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson.

Reckon the hat is a good idea too for catching ceiling paint drips!

Terry has penned us another sort of  ‘Thought for the Day‘ which l present to you on his behalf.

First Cuckoo

“The Cuckoo’s early call over our silent streets and strange green land, we call the British Isles. 

Will we ever see another springtime such as this, coos the Cuckoo?

We listen to his call, whilst our earth slowly warms to receive our saved seed from 2019 – but what are we learning from these lockdown times?

My friend and I called Jim, discussed possible times after the virus.

 Jim says –

 Our planet has had enough of our present disregard and abuse we,  continue to carry on with.

Plastics in the sea choking whatever swims there.

Coral reefs dying.

On the land; we attempt to try and feed the ever overpopulation by using methods our forefathers would never have considered.

I do not have to continue to add to Jim’s list –

cos David Attenborough has taken over from my mate Jim.

This generation has failed to abort its misuse – then again is it their fault?

During WW2 we had ration books – postal orders – telegrams, sticky flypapers and pensioners who lived and saved on their pensions, plus what they grew in their gardens.

They ate what was in season – not what is now flown from other warmer lands. They had holidays in England – and around our nations. 

Well, of course, you don’t want to hear this claptrap from me or my mate Jim. And yet your dismissal comes at a cost called Covid 19. Ration books from Governments may be the answer?

During the war we survived because our government took control – What no white flour? Only brown wholemeal bread in the bakers. How terrible.”