A right Royal High to Perry!

Decided to re-visit a story – in today’s look back – about one of Bath’s most talented of artistic characters. This was first published in November 2018.

It’s not every day a school lets its caretaker lead an important anniversary celebration but, for The Royal High in Bath, modest and self-effacing Perry Harris was just the man to help the institution celebrate 20 years since its official foundation – after that is, Bath High merged with the Royal School.

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Perry has worked there as the caretaker for all those years but pupils and staff know he is also a man with amazing artistic talents and it’s those on show at the school this weekend- in a special commemorative exhibition of his work.


He’s the man to go to for school Christmas cards or a cartoon-styled tour de force to mark someone’s leaving or retirement.


Outside the school grounds, we know of his artistic style too. Imagine Bath – as a friend told me earlier – without his witty and colourful impressions of the city and its life.

© Perry Harris

It gave me great pleasure – on behalf of Bath Newseum – to pop up and say hello. So – l asked – as regards your exhibition – why now and why here?