A little help from your friends.

‘Yours Truly’ isn’t just working from home – he is self-isolating as someone in the ‘at risk’ group.

However, l will do all l can to help – in the current situation – in any small way l can.

Here is one way.

Giving mention to a new Facebook ‘collective’ called the Bath Mutual Aid Group. They have over one thousand members already and describe themselves as following:

“This group is for people who want to help each other. If you have something to offer other people, tell them about it here. A sofa to sleep on for the night, clothes that need a new home, food to share, time to volunteer? Is there something you need? A lift somewhere, help moving house/filling out forms, help in the garden, car share, DIY help, advice, help with a pet, a dodgy landlord? Let us know on here and see if anyone can help.

This is about mutual aid, helping each other is a key part of our believes/values and because of this everything on this page is free, no reward or payment should be requested or accepted if offered. No selling, exchanges, bartering or swapping. We give as much as we can and take as much as we need.

This is about helping others and ourselves AS EQUALS. Don’t be ashamed to ask for what you need.”

Just search for Bath Mutual Aid.