Sunshine amid the gloom.

A lovely bit of sunshine to bring out the crowds in Bath today – only, there wasn’t much in the way of crowds.

Abbey Church Yard at around 10.30 am.

Well – if you are not counting the Superdrug queue in Westgate Street – for the next batch of rationed hand-gel


Queueing at the counter.

A lovely sunrise over the River Avon at Grosvenor Bridge where a public-spirited dog walker called Cath has put up a notice hoping to attract volunteers to help with a litter clean up.

Sunrise at Grosvenor Bridge
The notice beside the bridge.
Who is going to help Cath?

While l was outside the Guidhall on the High Street l was reminded to tell you, fellow cyclists, that a new – more usable rack of bike stands is going to replace the two remaining bronze hoops at this point.

Two hoops remain at this point.
More opposite City College. Two holes mark where yet another once stood.

The hoops have never been fit for purpose as they have been easy to push over and do not have really secure fittings. I noticed more of them across the road from the City College and there – one had disappeared.

Sell them for scrap say l.



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