A little help with hygiene.

I cannot fail to be aware of the Covid 19 pandemic and the precautions we are all being asked to take to limit its spread.

Which brings me on to a young man l have met several times while covering stories regarding the Crest Nicholson development at Riverside.

Alistair Rzeznicki has been employed by the company to provide video recordings of various stages in the construction – including the installation of the new Destructor Bridge.

Alistair has a company called Sunflower Newsroom and one of its earliest ventures was something called the Infection Control Project.

Alistair told me:

“My late Grandmother Violet, contracted MRSA after a prolonged stay in hospital in 2001. The infection left her weakened and she ended up in a home for the elderly, later passing away.

The lack of understanding about what I could do, whilst visiting her in hospital, to reduce the likelihood of spreading germs, led me to creating the Mrs Gel & Friends brand and educational package whilst at University.”

Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 09.54.17

The brand provides a list of products and services including a Primary School Educational Workshop to help children learn from a young age what it is they can do throughout their life to ensure good hygiene practice within a healthcare environment.

It also provides entertaining but key-message led training material in the form of posters to NHS Trusts so that staff members can easily take in information that can be used day to day on wards.

Along with a host of other entertaining content which makes you smile, whilst also teaching you what you need to know.”

Using his experience in setting this up, Alistair tells me:

“Sunflower have now put together some Posters to encourage Good Hand Hygiene during this heightened period of infection control.
The full pack of posters can be downloaded here: https://sunflowereducation.box.com/v/GREATHANDHYGIENE
I thought you may be able to send these out to a few people/businesses?”
I am happy to do that!