Nailed it!

Good Lord! I nearly fell off my bike this morning at the shock of finally seeing one of Bath’s first riverside sculptures finally freed from weeds and bushes.

I have been saying for years that someone should free Peter Logan’s wind mobile installation Nails from the undergrowth.

Installed on the riverbank side of the Homebase car park in 1987, it’s made from light-weight polished aluminium.

Only the very top of the sculpture can now be seen.
What a difference!

The lower nails rotate on a central pivot allowing the sculpture to face into the wind. The upper four nails have been balanced to rest horizontally in still air and the pressure of the wind upon the surface of the nails causes them to turn.

Now let’s clean the graffiti!

Much of this art form and the explanatory plaque have been hidden from sight for years but now someone – whether it’s Bath BID or Sainbury’s staff – have cleared the tangled undergrowth away – revealing the sculpture in all its glory!


Meanwhile – heading back up Westgate Street – it looks like the A-board issue is starting to re-appear.

This one taking up half the pavement space at a busy and dangerous place.


Finally, looks like our councillors have had a whip-round to stump up enough cash to buy two new notice boards for the Guildhall.



At this rate, the railings will be painted next!


  1. Wind mobile: it may now be ‘free’, but does it still rotate after all this time?

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