April date for start of Sydney Gardens work.

Had time to stop in historic Sydney Garden this morning to read a notice posted by Susan Palmer who is Community Ranger of these former Georgian pleasure grounds.

It’s expected that work on the park’s restoration and re-modelling will get under way around April and continue throughout the year and into 2021.


Susan says: ‘This means that some areas and entrances of the park will be closed for periods of time. Keep an eye out on social media and on poster updates for more information from January.’

Another tree dies for Christmas. Apart from that, it’s been dumped for someone else to clear away.
Spot the dog poo bag. Having gone that far in cleaning up the mess – why not take it home?

Then back along the canal towpath towards Grosvenor Bridge. Why is it when some people commit to having a real tree for Christmas – or a dog as a pet – it’s always someone else’s job to clean up the mess?

Clean up under way on Grosvenor Bridge

Finally another salute for a man kept very busy cleaning up other peoples’ messes – Marcus Francis is the council’s graffiti unit and l caught up with him on Grosvenor Bridge cleaning off more childish daubings and a few years of grime!

Marcus Francis in action.

PS. Regulars using this way into town will know that near this bridge at springtime there is a wonderful display of snowdrops that grow in clumps in nearby woodland. Cheered me up to see they are already sprouting.