Market forces.

Well, it’s bumper business  – so far – for this year’s Christmas Market – though l heard some stall holders complain that their avenues are so crammed that people can’t break through to actually stop and buy something!

Come early or late l suppose.

Lots of people here – as usual from South Wales – despite the fact they have a splendid Christmas Market of their own in Cardiff.

More huts down here! Bath’s World Heritage status symbol seems to be pointing the way.

I was told – by several people from across the Bristol Channel – that  coming to Bath makes a great day out and – indeed – one  Welsh couple l bumped into were staying overnight in a local hotel too.

Your city offers a beautiful setting for all this festive fare – they explained.

Grade 1 listed you know! No – not the huts – the Georgian-built Grand Pump Room.

Have to say some of the huts though don’t sit too easy within our World Heritage status surroundings. Not all sitings appear sensitive to what is around  this temporary annual event

Maybe you feel differently?

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