Looping the hoops.

Lots of you have been expressing support for my concern at the loss of cycle hoops in the High Street and outside the Guildhall.

It seems, every time they are temporarily removed for the Remembrance Day parade fewer of them are returned.

We are missing some from the other side of the road too – at the Abbey end of Westgate Street.

A spokesperson for B&NES told me:

“During removal of the cycle stands for the Remembrance Parade, we discovered the bolts that attach some of the stands to the pavement were corroded and beyond repair.

We have reinstalled as many stands as we can and have ordered three new ones with more robust fixings, which will be installed as soon as possible.”

Missing hoops near the Abbey end of Westgate Street.

I don’t think that is good enough. It doesn’t explain why oops on the other side of the road have gone and also it doesn’t cover the complete loss of a rank of hoops to the left of the Guildhall steps.

We need a new standard set across the city too for a particular stand that works and is economically able to be rolled out into other areas – including the High Street!