Not to be sniffed at.


Good news for those who have been complaining about the strong scent smell they have been experiencing on Bath’s ‘Perfume Corner’ –  as it’s likely to get a little more subtle.

The area at the bottom of Milsom Street – where the road curves and becomes New Bond Street – has recently earned itself this fragrant nickname.


It’s where there are now a whole gathering of companies – including Jo Malone, Penghaligon’s, L’Occitane and Aesop – with their own scented products.

All of them are happy for their customers to come in and sample their individual lines but one of them – Penghaligon’s – actually uses what looks like a water vapour diffuser to blow one of its scents out into the street.

It’s coming from a tiny hole below the shop window.


Now while many people may applaud this noble sales ploy – and appreciate the scented vapours – not everyone is happy about having to walk through them.

Too strong and sickening – according to many people who pass that way or work in the area.


But l have good news, following an email received by Jordan Simpson – who is Retail Operations Manager for Perfumers 1870 – the company trading under the Penhaligons label. It followed an approach l made for comment.

In a note from his London office, he told Bath Newseum:

‘Firstly I would like to let you know that I understand your concerns.

However, please know that all of the fragrances diffused through our machines have been tested and successfully received IFRA certification, under Category 11, which ensures that they are environmentally safe and not irritant.

Furthermore, to ensure that the machine is not experiencing technical issues, I have asked an engineer to visit and service the machine to re-assess the fragrance output level.


Throughout this process, they will make adjustments to ensure that the intensity of the fragrance is not overwhelming and ensuring the water vapour is diffusing intermittently.’

A statement that – hopefully – brings a breath of fresher air to one street corner in Bath.


  1. I can’t believe there are complaints about this. If you are walking through it’s a momentary pleasure! Is there anything that people don’t complain about?

  2. Some people will no doubt make a stink about this – lets have a shoppers referendum:)

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