New crane on the Bath skyline.

Cranes starting to appear down on the Bath Quays riverbank site.

Ironically sprouting up in the very area where Stothert and Pitt once made cranes for the world.

Dockside machines still very active around the globe too!


This is where the new pedestrian and cycle bridge designed by Paris-based engineering and architectural consultancy Marc Mimram will span the Avon.

I am told the bridge is being manufactured in sections by a specialist company in Belgium.

An artist’s impression of the new pedestrian and cycle bridge

Apparently, when it was being ordered, every foundry in the UK was busy with electrification gantries for Network Rail.

It should be in place by the end of next year, as part of the biggest office-led development ever undertaken in the city and spanning both banks of the river.





  1. A small group of ex S&P employees and others are at present restoring what appears to be the oldest S&P crane left in existence (circa 1864). We are hopeful that the crane will be displayed within the site where it was built and are in discussions with B A N E S abut its position.

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