Grapes news for Westgate Street

One of Bath’s oldest pubs is back in business with a new landlady – and landlord – determined to join other local traders in calling for an upgrade to their city centre street.

Ellie Leiper, and her husband John,  have brought The Grapes public house in Westgate Street back to life after a two year closure.

The Grapes – open for business.

They have joined other local landlords in calling for a pedestrianisation scheme for the street which has suffered for years from shop closures, broken and un-replaced kerbstones and dangerous traffic.

Delivery lorries, tarmac replacing paving and kerbstones and little room for people.

The Grapes is also one of the city’s oldest buildings – it may have started life as a rich merchant’s house – and has a first-floor Jacobean plaster ceiling of national importance.

Detail of the first floor Jacobean ceiling at The Grapes.

Though the bar is open there is still much work to be done – and probably more historic discoveries to be made.

This could be shreds of the oldest wallpaper found in Bath!

But the couple are delighted to be back in business with a pub that could have suffered a different fate.

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  1. Good to see this lovely old pub reopened. With regards to wes gate street, surely nothing will happen in terms of upgrading until after the Min is sorted/reopened.

    If cobbles are laid, consider the damage with all the heavy trucks looking for access to the Min construction site. Indeed Sawclose is already damaged and will only get worse.

    Richard Mann.

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