Flowers on the ‘altar to Adam’s Ale.’

We won’t be hearing how well Bath has done in the Britain in Bloom contest until October but – in the meantime – l am giving full marks to whoever decided to decorate the Rebecca Fountain with flowers.

This biblical referenced statue was put up by the city’s Temperance Association in 1861 to face off all the pubs in the High Street with an ‘altar’ to Adam’s Ale.

The face at a window

Nice touch – though they are gone now. While l was out and about – still limping a bit – never noticed this fellow peering down at passing traffic in Great Pulteney Street from a private residence. Someone with a sense of humour.

Also hoping autumn will see a replacement for the diseased tree that had to be felled in Laura Place.

Here’s hoping for an autumn planting

Sad to see some despicable little creep with a spray can has been making his purple mark on Grosvenor Bridge – across the Avon near Kensington Meadows. Shame no one ever catches these academically-challenged people in the act.

Purple plonker

Coming home though Sydney Gardens l couldn’t help noticing how well shrubs have taken a gold on Brunel’s listed retaining wall through the railway cut. If stones starts to be dislodged and fall it’s going to be an expensive repair for Network Rail – and surely a real dangerous hazard for passing trains.

The ‘hanging gardens’ on the Great Western Railway.

The lower end of the new Holburne Park development of the old MOD site n the Warminster Road comes right down to the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Please – put this back to nature.

They’ve run a drainage pipe out of the site and along one side of the canal. It’s a real mess and l hope contractors will be returning the disturbed bank to something approaching its former natural condition.

Gloucester Road

Finally, as l turn up Gloucester Road – from London Road – with work having been completed on the new luxury assisted living complex who is going to make safe the side of the pavement nearest the Lam Brook now the hoarding has been taken away.

This stretch needs fencing.

Lots of youngsters using Alice Park – just across the road – and surely the water is a draw that would be better fenced off. Is it B&NES or the developers who need to take action?



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  1. Have you observed how drought stressed (to the point of dying) are the expensive trees along the central reservation on London Road? A scandal not to be watering them. The must have cost £3-500 each.
    Thanks for your eagle eyed comments trying to keep Bath looking good!

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