Rust reviver

I don’t know who you are – individually – but a big thank you – on behalf of the rest of Bath – for the way you have rescued those controversial London Road planters from the scrap heap.

The metal troughs – artistically decorated and designed to have an oxidised (rusty) surface – were originally planted with trees and draped in hanging vines.

london road
How much further can these plants dangle?

They were installed a few years ago as part of an expensive regeneration plan for the city end of this heavily polluted major arterial road.

They were believed to have cost five thousand pounds a piece, but had been criticised for neglect and – in some case – obstructing vision for cars exiting from side roads.

After many months of pressure, the planters were taken over for three years by Genesis based at the Gateway Centre. They agreed to maintain them and replant them with plants suitable for the location and provided by the council.

Much better!

What you have done guys is nothing short of miraculous. They look wonderful – having been planted with something much more sensible and providing greenery that does not block a view of that busy road.

IMG_2031While you are passing folks – on wheels or feet – let every plant and tree remind you how we cannot live without them.



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  1. You are absolutely right – the troughs look wonderful and they blend well with the street; always thought they were beautiful troughs, and now they are giving pleasure and doing some good to the environment.


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