Bath baker battles the Home Office.

Bath baker, chef, cookery school owner and culinary author Richard Bertinet created a wave of local support on social media earlier today when he announced that his application to the Home Office for settled status had been turned down in favour of ‘limited leave’ in the United Kingdom.

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On Instagram and Twitter French-born Richard said:

“31 years living in the Uk without a break…. originally employed without gaps then started several businesses employing 10s of others and one that attracts visitors to the UK from overseas. Always paid UK taxes. Married to a British woman for 20 years with 3 British children… submitted all evidence requested… not good enough for settled status.”

Wera at a Meet Your MP event on transport
Wera Hobhouse MP

His posting brought a wave of support from local people – including Bath’s MP Wera Hobhouse who said:

“I am shocked by this latest example of the despicable treatment of EU citizens – who are the cornerstones of our communities – in our country and in Bath. I will be taking this up with the government.”

But as the day wore on seems Richard’s prospects have risen. He posted this note on Instagram mid-afternoon.

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Seems you are not alone though Richard in having problems. Here’s an article from The Independent’s on-line service.

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I am not accusing the Home Office of ‘cooking the books’ but this is a system that needs looking at! Maybe Bath’s MP can dig deeper.