Let’s have trees in the Saw Close.

“Synthetic box balls in sombre grey coffin-like pots.’ That’s how one Bath Newseum regular describes the planting at Bath’s re-modelled Saw Close – the open area in front of the Theatre Royal.



Wishing to remain anonymous, this person still wants her views known.

She says:

‘ This prestigious part of Bath, having had what must have been an expensive facelift, is aesthetically tasteless and environmentally awful.


Apart from synthetic box balls in sombre grey coffin-like pots, there is no real greenery anywhere.


The benches and bike racks are grim. What it needs is trees to lend shade, beauty and oxygen in this central and busy place. It is arid and characterless. I wonder what can be done to bring pressure to bear on the powers that be to improve the situation?’

She then turns her attention to another heritage open space in the city.



‘Queen Square Although there are trees, this again is an important focal part of Bath, and I wish more could be done to make it a more attractive place while taking into account the many organisations that use it.’

And, on the subject of litter.


‘ I applaud your article in the Chronicle about the litter problems in the City and agree with all your sentiments expressed. The situation is dire.

Could there be much more obvious and threatening signage to alert the public to bin their rubbish?’


  1. I completely agree with your contributor regarding Queen Square. The council charge the petanque clubs that play in the square for the use, but refuse to do any maintenance of either the playing surface or the grass borders. This is actually a H & S issue. More defined borders (with complete grass surfacing where “shortcuts” have worn them away – possibly even low rails – would reduce the incidence of tourists wandering in front of people lobbing one and half pound steel balls across the space.

  2. I totally agree with this article and also with the lady. How about providing some more water features around the city, particularly in Brunel Sq,Sawclose and Queen Square/ After all there’s plenty of it under the city!

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