Timed crossing to improve safety.

One of Bath’s busiest streets is getting an upgrade in road safety. It’s been announced that countdown signals are to be installed on pedestrian crossings in Dorchester Street – which has the railway and bus station on one side and Southgate on the other.

The countdown timers will take the guess work out of when the lights are going to change and ensure those on foot know the final point they can safely enter the road to cross.

The sort of timer that will be installed.

They will be erected on each crossing next to the red/green man symbol and will inform pedestrians of the exact time remaining between the green man signal going out and the red man signal appearing.

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 14.28.28
Google street map.

Councillor Joanna Wright, cabinet member for Transport Services, said: “Dorchester Street is one the busiest roads in Bath with the bus and train stations on one side and SouthGate shopping centre on the other.  As a result the pedestrian crossings are often very busy and crowded. We want to make the city more pedestrian friendly and give people on foot more confidence. The introduction of pedestrian countdown signals will make crossing the road easier.”

The signals have been used in London for some time and have proved popular with pedestrians.

Work to install them is due to begin 21 July and take three weeks. During the work the existing lights will need to be switched off for short periods, but this will be restricted to one crossing at a time. The work will be carried out off-peak or at night in the busiest locations and temporary traffic lights will be used to minimise disruption.