Lost for words

It’s not often you will find me lost for words but this morning l was speechless with fury. Despite Somerset Live (aka Bath Live/ Bath Chronicle – it’s all very confusing l know) and Bath Newseum campaigns, the rubbish problem remains on the High Street – opposite the Guildhall.

This was the scene first thing this morning. Can we start identifying where this is coming from and ‘do’ them for littering?

I am not the only one feeling a bit miffed today as Bath Newseum follower George Feiger  writes:

‘As one approaches the Royal Crescent from either Brock Street or Upper Church Street, the first vista of the park below the Crescent consists of two large green metal cabinets, covered with graffiti, on either side of four large black rubbish containers sitting on a new concrete slab four times as wide as needed to hold the containers.


It is hideous and masks the delightful lawn. Across the path from these containers is a stone wall. If everything had been put there the vista would have been unobscured and the metal objects much less noticeable. Who makes these decisions? Can they be changed?’


One bit of positive news for you. Plenty of activity at ‘Minerva’s Temple’ in Sydney Gardens where experts were checking the attic above the structure for roosting bats and surveying the roof.


A lot of lichen was cleared from the guttering and  – with the whole structure due to be conserved as part of the park improvement scheme – we’ll have more on this subject in the next day or so.


  1. No one seems to know who owns the green cabinets. It’s come up repeatedly on Fix My Street – the Council denies it has any responsibility for them, but won’t say who does.

  2. They look like the BT cabinets which are all over Bath – usually without senseless graffito.

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