Oh Peroni!

First – the good news. The Council’s Parks Department and Bath BID have come together to help brighten up our streets this summer – for locals and tourists alike.


Caught a couple of floral displays in Milsom Street on Tuesday – while out with a party of visitors l was showing around – as a member of the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides.


There was more floral joy to behold at Bath Quays Waterside where  a scattering of traditional seeds has created beds of colour.


Nearby, on the opposite bank and behind the old Newark Works, work is finally underway on digging out the footing for the new pedestrian bridge which was supposed to have been installed last year!


Forgive me now to mention some of the more critical matters.

Starting with further problems on the cobbles outside the side entrance/exit to the Roman Baths.


It’s where the big World Heritage logo lies and – once again – cobbles are missing.

The whole area needs re-grouting. A bit like the steps into the Guildhall.


Walk up to the ‘Bog Island’ end of York Street and what is left of Peroni’s Fountain – appears to be losing the will to live.


Sections of Bath stone are breaking free from the top of the structure and there are major cracks appearing.


There are many parts of this World Heritage inscribed inner-city looking downright drab and dirty.

The sooner some form of tourist tax is introduced to pay for such things to be resolved the better.

What do you think?


  1. Well I’ve made my views clear in the past on calling it a ‘tourist tax’. Who is a tourist and how are they defined? Not too difficult on an island like Venice. Just add a bit more to the entry price of the prize attraction – the Roman Baths which residents get for nothing anyway don’t they? Just looking – the online price is much cheaper than the ‘at the door’ price. Why you normally pay more for on-line because of the transaction fee.

  2. Tourist tax is a must as long as it is spent where it should be spent. We have to pay in many European cities so why not here.

  3. Quite agree with you Richard and I also think we should charge all coaches to enter the City. I have to pay a Tourist Tax to stay in Paris, so why not here?

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