A glimmer of hope for Children’s Centre.

There’s hope on the horizon for the previously doomed Parkside Children’s Centre – a building – now surrounded by the Charlotte Street car park – and originally constructed as a British Restaurant during World War Two.

The previous B&NES administration wanted it demolished to make room for extra car parking spaces – to compensate for the demolition of the Avon Street car park as part of the regeneration of Bath Quays North.

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Many organisations – including the Pastor of Bath Elim Church, Bath Preservation Trust and the 20th Century Society have objected to the plans.

Now it seems the new Lib-Dem ruling party are having a re-think.

Cllr Any Furse, Kingsmead Ward and Vice Chair of B&NES

Cllr Andy Furse – is Vice-Chair of the Council and one of two councillors covering this part of Kingsmead ward – told Bath Newseum:

“I have asked cabinet members and officers to detail what the building condition is, what might need to be done to retain any use, and obviously how much it would cost.

Moving the children’s centre is one issue, but assuming this happens, there is a view that Parkside buildings should be retained because of its historic significance.

Therefore if this were the case then what can the buildings be used for?”

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Cllr Furse has been talking to Elim Church and Bath Foodbank over the past couple of months and these could be possible options.

He continued: “Early days, but just turning it over to car parking – partly to mitigate Avon Street closure  i understand, seems a too easy a solution and thus I and Cllr Sue Craig (the other ward representative) feel that other avenues need to be exhausted first.
Not a straight yes/ no answer I accept, but there are at this stage many unknowns.”