Enough’s enough.

I am sick to death of seeing this. It must be the least original ‘student’ prank that one could carry out in our heritage city.

Yet more foam.

The fountain in Laura Place is the best example we have of a man-made water feature – installed to celebrate our natural water features. That’s hot and cold springs – AND the River Avon – just in case you didn’t know!

The constant detergent being slipped into its waters play havoc with the pump. Constant break downs may make B&NES decide it is not cost-effective to run it. Then it will literally become the dried-up ‘ashtray’ it’s already been nicknamed for years.

Maybe a CCTV camera in Laura Place may help stop this vandalism.

Meanwhile, A-boards are also a bit of an issue in this city. Where the pavement is wide enough for mums with pushchairs and the disabled in wheel chairs or self-drive mobiles to pass – that’s fine.

I just wonder if a double buggy or motorised wheel chair could get by there?

However, in West Street, the dreadful tarmac and slab pavement is narrower at the High Street end. There simply isn’t enough room.

Talking of room. Do the architects who design shop and cafe layouts actually lay out the spaces they devise before planning is approved.

See how close the door edge is to the loo pan. Couldn’t swing a handbag – never mind a cat!

Toilets in Cafe Nero – on the High Street – and here at Waggamamas at the top of Broad Street – are so small that you cannot get in and shut the door without touching the toilet with your legs.

Bad enough for a man but much worse for a woman in a dress or skirt!

There’s Alice Park on top of a column covered in local attractions.

Good to see Alice Park – which is near to where l live – getting top billing on one of the new artist-inspired additions to a new-look central area in Southgate Shopping Centre.

The new column of local attractions.
New-look seating and an artificial grass relaxation area.

Following on from work carried out in Brunel Square, a new ‘grass’ relax area has been prepared with living espaliers and improved seating.

One of the new espaliers being planted up in Southgate.
At Brunel Square – new and tastefully coloured recycle bins are replacing the old.

It’s a job well-done in terms of humanising what was a barren space but Bath Newseum is finding it very difficult to get a human from Southgate to come and talk about it on camera!




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  1. Hello, yet again the minority spoil these beautiful fountains for everyone to enjoy. I would happily make a contribution to having CCTV installed at Laura Place to stop this wanton vandalism.

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