Bikes, buses and Braeburns.

Scaffolding in the High Street is not helping the cycle parking situation with a safety barrier knocking several parking rings out of action.

Is it a bird?

Meanwhile, l leave you to judge the truth of the words on the back of a scooter parked on one hoop outside the Guildhall.

A ‘growing’ pavement.

Meanwhile it looks as if B&NES/First Bus are going to try and improve road safety by extending the pavement a little at the bus stop alongside the north side of Bath Abbey where the builder’s hoarding has reduced footpath width.

Finally, have you noticed the ‘British’ element creeping into packaging on our supermarket shelves?

I know schools have had a ‘directive’ about talking up pride in our country  but has it gone out to the mega-providers of our groceries too?


I know Kent is in England and what the Union flag looks like thank you.