Roadside safety campaign at Newbridge

Despite the high winds – artist Alison Harper has just finished installing the 69 Red Wheels which were in Larkhall and  Victoria Park in a new Hot Spot at Charmouth Road in Newbridge.

Writing to tell me this,  John Taylor says: “Newbridge Primary School is at the end of Charmouth Road with 400 children, but as we repeatedly point out to the council there is no school warning signage on either of the roads which lead into the school.


Residents and the school are all concerned about dangerous and selfish driving, irresponsible and illegal parking and car idling – some parents arrive up to an hour before school ends and sit with their engine running.


Our local councillor Michelle O’Doherty has been helpful with this and got permission from Hartwells Garage (now closed and boarded up) to use their barriers along Newbridge road,  opposite Charmouth Road, to display most of the wheels. Six wheels are by the school entrance.

It’s been a difficult job securing everything in the gales but we wanted to get the new Hot Spot up in time for the Half Marathon because the runners will pass it twice. “