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Is climate change the most politically contentious scientific issue of our age? It is the subject of a timely talk by David Warrilow OBE at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution on 11th April, 2019 at 6:30 for 7:00pm. 

Formerly a government science advisor and UK climate change negotiator and now President of the Royal Meteorological Society, Mr Warrilow will review how climate change has shifted centre stage in an increasingly polarised debate; and will consider whether inevitable tensions between environmentalists and free marketeers about the extent of environmental degradation can ever be resolved.


Join the BRLSI for a lively evening of debate and discussion over such matters and discover in the process whether scientific objectivity can ever hope to assert itself over the strident voices of political opinion.

More information:

David Warrilow OBE, FRMetS was a senior government science advisor and international negotiator on climate change and environmental issues, including ozone depletion and air pollution. He led UK delegations to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for over 20 years and was a lead negotiator for the EU on scientific issues covered in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Mr Warrilow managed a significant research programme at the Department of Energy and Climate Change providing scientific evidence for analysis of climate change, energy and ozone depletion in the context of the UK’s domestic and international policies. In October 2018 he was appointed President of the Royal Meteorological Society in October 2018.


“Any science that has societal relevance soon finds that it must engage with a very different world, where opinion and conviction may count for more than evidence,” Mr Warrilow says. “I will review how the once obscure subject of climate science became centre stage in an increasingly fractious political debate, how science has fed into the policy process, has become the battleground between environmentalists and free marketeers and discuss the complexities and importance of science in the development of a global response to climate change. I will also consider the challenges facing scientists as they seek to bring objectivity to the debate.”

This lecture starts at 7pm, will end at 7.45pm and allows for 30 minutes of questions.

Tickets on sale now at Bath Box Office www.bathboxoffice.org.uk 01225 463362 Visitors: £7.00 BRLSI Members: £4.00 All Welcome. 

Income from ticket sales is used to cover the cost of making this lecture available to the public.