Bath’s ‘new’ police station

Bath is to get an improved police presence in Lewis House on Manvers Street, following an announcement by the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner.
The new police arrangement will be located in Lewis House in Manvers Street and will see the current police presence of an enquiry office and hot desks extended to base the neighbourhood policing team.
The decision follows an extended campaign by Wera Hobhouse, (MP for Bath) and Dine Romero (Lib Dem Council Group Leader), calling for the return of a central, public-facing police station to the city.
police station
Ironically, all this is happening across the road from the original police station.
They started a petition back in September which has now amassed 2,242 signatures.
Wera Hobhouse said:
“This decision demonstrates that the ‘powers that be’ locally listen when people get together. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who signed and shared my petition, and got momentum behind this campaign.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing more detail, opening hours will be vital to the success of this service for example. I hope this development makes it easier for residents to access the police service, enables officers to do their jobs to the highest standards, and ultimately, makes the city safer for residents and visitors!”
Dine Romero said:
“The Lib Dems have consistently called for a central, public-facing police station to be returned to Bath.
“The reinstatement of a single location for enquiries and neighbourhood policing is to be welcomed, and I hope this will allow improved partnership working between public sector organisations.”
“One crucial issue will be the opening hours for public inquiries, which were cut under the previous multi-site arrangement; I would like to see more access for the public, particularly at weekends.”
Editor’s note: Ironically all this is happening across the road from the original police station!

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  1. The excellent news that Bath is to get a new Police Station is to be welcomed, and it is satisfying to see that a petition calling for the return of a police station to Bath has been supported. However, it is disappointing that your report does not acknowledge the substantial role played by our local Conservative administration in liaising with The Police and Crime Commissioner and The Home Office to ensure that Bath does indeed get a decent police presence in the City. The Liberal Democrats have been supportive of this issue but to say that the decision to bring the police station back to Bath is the result of an extended campaign by that Party is to rather miss the point. Please give credit to the Conservative councillors at the Guildhall who are working hard to create an even better Bath for all of our residents.
    Lyn Jacobs, Lansdown

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