Waste depot to make way for housing

Major plans to develop a new public household reuse and recycling centre in Bath and North East Somerset and relocate waste depots to free up land for housing and cope with increased demand on waste services are set to get underway.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has recommended a feasibility study into relocating  Bath’s Midland Road waste depot and Keynsham’s Ashmead Road depot to Pixash Lane in Keynsham.

keynsham store
Archaeology store in Pixash Lane.

The plans also include a proposal to build a brand new public household reuse and recycling centre at Odd Down, serving residents of Bath and the surrounding area.

Councillor Bob Goodman, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Development and Councillor Charles Gerrish have approved a request for £1.9 million to carry out feasibility studies, technical appraisals and public consultations on the proposals.  The money would also enable detailed designs to be drawn up which will then be submitted for planning approval.

The single member decision is now subject to the council’s call-in period.

The council’s current waste facilities at Midland Road in Bath are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. Space is also constrained at Ashmead Road in Keynsham.

A report about the proposal said due to the planned growth in housing across the district cover the coming years there will be a significant increase in the amount of waste and recycling generated. As a result the council needs modern, purpose- built facilities to fulfil its statutory obligations into the future.

Relocating the Midland Road operations will, subject to planning permission, also free up the site to provide much needed new housing to help meet increasing demand in Bath city centre.

Councillor Bob Goodman, cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhoods, said: “Residents are really embracing recycling and there’s been a huge increase in the amount we collect so we do need to look at our sites to future-proof our operations.  In addition this is an opportunity to look at land which could be made available for additional housing.”

The proposals to relocate the sites were subject to public scrutiny during the development of the Local Plan. Under the plans new a new waste and recycling transfer station would be constructed at Pixash Lane, together with an improved public household waste and recycling centre.

The proposals for Odd Down include a new replacement household waste and recycling centre and a reuse facility. The site also provides scope to accommodate developing new waste management technologies in the future.

The single member decision sheet was approved on Monday March 4 and is subject to a five-day call-in period. A link to the report is here