B&NES to declare climate emergency?

Bath and North East Somerset could join dozens of other Councils in declaring a Climate Emergency and pledging to take action to limit global warming.

Councillors have worked on a cross-party basis to bring joint proposals before Council next week. If approved, the Council will set a target of becoming carbon neutral across all functions by 2030. The motion also asks B&NES to sign up to the UK100 pledge to enable the whole community to move over to clean energy.

Councillor Rob Appleyard (Lib Dem) commented:

“The scientific consensus on climate change is absolutely clear: there is a very limited window of opportunity for action to be taken to prevent the worst impacts of global warming. The UN has warned that we have only 12 years to keep temperature increases below 1.5°C. Beyond this, the effects of climate change will be significantly worse. That’s why the 2030 deadline is so crucial.

“Across the country, 34 councils have already declared a Climate Emergency and we are hoping that B&NES Councillors will agree to join them. Local campaigners have called on us to act through demonstrations and statements to Council. This is our chance to show we are listening.

“Councillors worked together across political groupings to prepare the joint text coming before Council. I’m really glad we have been able to have cross-party cooperation on such an important issue. Hopefully, the motion will be approved unanimously, as has been the case in other local authorities which have declared a Climate Emergency.

“We want to see decisive action on Climate Change. This motion is partly about the Council’s own carbon footprint but also includes the goal of inspiring and enabling others to act.”

Councillor Mark Shelford (Conservative) said:

“I am so pleased that the Council has managed to put political tribalism aside for this issue and will collectively work in the interest of our planet. The UK100 is something I have wanted to champion and I am thankful to those I have worked with to be able to achieve a bespoke pledge for B&NES of 2030 rather than the 2050 they have set for other local authorities.

“B&NES has the opportunity to become a national leader in environmental sustainability and the passing of this motion, along with our reduction of single-use plastic motion, will only help us in achieving that goal.”