It’s good to feel blue. UPDATE.

Blue skies today but – before l go out to enjoy it – time to catch up on an inner-city wander – pre snow – where l spotted one thing l have never noticed before.

The building across the road from The Podium.

On a wall – opposite The Podium – some craftsmen had certainly left their mark. Good for these stonemasons l say in having pride in their work.

Job well done!

Not quite so impressed by this plastic-covered, wood-framed shelter that has gone up between the Theatre Royal and the Italian Restaurant next door.

A wood-framed, corrugated-plastic-roofed ‘shelter’ has sprung up between the Theatre Royal and the Italian Restaurant next door.

Not quite the best way of showing off two listed buildings – just to provide shelter for smokers!

Really helps show off the building’s decorative features doesn’t it?

UPDATE.  As of Monday, February 4th l understand the structure in question does not have planning permission and is unauthorised.

The Council has given the owner of the premises until the 16th February to remove it.

Although, in most enforcement cases B&NES hopes for voluntary compliance – if the issue is not resolved they do have the power to take formal action.

Meanwhile, I can’t help wondering how much more ‘street furniture’ Bath’s narrow pavements can take. Did this ‘cork’ get planning permission? If it did – how?!

Do we really need things like this. Or maybe all our bollards should be shaped like something else!

Moving on, can l recommend a pause in front of the Lifestyle Pharmacy in Westgate Street.

A very graphic window display of just how much of the sweet-stuff we are ingesting.

Makes you stop and think!
More food for thought.

Think you can get a better kick from being out in today’s sunshine.

Blue skies and spring to come.

Just before l go though – one thing l did notice after the snow fall – the scarf that had been tied around the neck of the Rebecca at the Well fountain – on the north side of Bath Abbey – has stained the marble.

The scarf tied around her neck has really stained the marble.

Well-intentioned street intervention maybe but it pays to stop and think about your actions.