Ice cold for Alix

A bit of a cold reception in Bath Abbey for an update on the multi-million pound project to stabilise the church floor and improve facilities for staff and congregation.

Not a bad turn out for an update on the Abbey’s Footprint Project but it was cold in the church!

However, this had nothing to do with the Project Director’s report but a lot to do with how cold it was for the large number of people who had come along to listen.

Project Director, Alix Gilmer giving parishioners an update on the multi million pound church scheme.

Alix Gilmer had good news about the first phase of the operation in that the east end should open again in time for Easter services so the congregation can move up to that part of the building so the floor can continue to be taken up elsewhere.

Work is now underway in the Nave where pews are being taken out and memorial stones revealed for the first time in 150 years.

Ultimately the whole floor will be heated using energy from the hot spring near by with a little gas powered boost of air along special ducts – when it is needed.

After her presentation Alix stopped to talk to Bath Newseum.