EU or non EU

Bath’s about to get a chance to hear an expert point of view on the future of the European Union from an expert.

As the UK grapples with the complexity of this decades long inter-governmental venture, the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution will be hosting a timely talk on its future o with Professor Jeremy Clegg from the University of Leeds Business School. That’s on 12th February at 7:30pm. 

As a leading academic and expert on European Integration and International Business Management, Professor Clegg will ask whether economic integration necessarily comes at a cost to national sovereignty and consider how key elements of the EU including the customs union, single market and the euro have become so divisive. 

Certainly – there’s a lot of pro support in Bath! Picture: Clive Dellard.

He will examine where the balance should lie between competing visions of economic gain and loss of sovereignty, and whether it might be indeed possible or even desirable to recalibrate the European vision to incorporate the needs of those fearful that a federalist agenda has gradually come to usurp any economic dividends we might gain as a consequence of belonging to the European project.

Not since the Dreyfuss affair has a subject been more likely to garner strength of opinion, so if you have not as yet formulated your own thoughts on what many consider the most prescient matter of our time or would like a chance to air your views to an appreciative audience then please be sure to make this wonderful and informative talk part of your agenda for the week.

More information:

Professor Clegg is the sitting Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and International Business Management at Leeds University. Among other academic accolades, he was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration and International Business in April 1995 at the University of Bath and was re-awarded a Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Leeds to enable specialisation in the research and teaching of international business in the context of European Integration. Professor Clegg has also held key academic positions at the University of Reading, University College Swansea, and the University of Exeter.

Each lecture takes approximately 45 minutes and allows 45 minutes for questions.

Visitors: £5.00 BRLSI Members and students £2.00 All Welcome. 

Income from ticket sales is used to cover the cost of making this lecture available to the public.