The first BIG five.

 B&NES’ newest political movement – Bath and North East Somerset Independent Group – celebrates its first-year birthday by announcing its first five candidates.

Calling itself BIG – for short – it’s brought together a group of concerned residents and local business people whose aim is to take control of the unitary authority and run it for the benefit of all residents without any political allegiances to Westminster.

A spokesperson told Bath Newseum: ‘BIG believes it is time for real, positive change in local politics. The way to get the best for our communities is to have a council made up of councillors working together not point scoring against each other.

An independent council means every councillor brings their own expertise and enthusiasm to the table without being forced to follow orders from party HQ. Such a model can harness the amazing talents and ideas of everyone in our communities, not just those who sign up to everything that their political party stands for.

BIG’s councillors, once elected, will work together with common aims, using an agreed set of principles of open and transparent government.

BIG 5 candiadtes low res
Attached picture of the 5 candidates. They are from left to right Stephen Taylor, Nola Edwards, Jess Milton, Emma Adams, Molly Conisbee

Spokesperson and BIG candidate Molly Conisbee says ‘We urgently need local answers to local issues. National party politics has dominated the Guildhall for too long. While political parties are arguing amongst themselves, they are not focusing on improving the quality of life for their constituents in B&NES, or offering anything hopeful or forward-looking for communities.’ 

Bidding to be the youngest woman councillor in B&NES Jess Milton says ‘It is time for change; we will develop a compelling vision for this most beautiful, exciting part of the South West. We will introduce policies that build for a long-term future, not just until the next elections.’

BIG candidate Emma Adams is Chair of Batheaston parish council and a leading community activist. She is bidding to represent the ward of Bathavon North and says ‘we invite people to join us now, to work with us on policies, to stand as councillors and to help us in any way they can. We want to bring politics back to the people of B&NES not just leave it to the party politicians.’