Seeing red!

I am one of a line of terraced homes which watch daily as our rat run of a road becomes more and more popular with commuter traffic preferring a cut though to Camden over a queue on the London Road.

While the Clean Air Zone proposals may add to our problems in the future, for the present, today was a bit of a shocker.

The trenches at the bottom of Ferndale Road.

Wales and West Utilities are renewing a length of gas main at the bottom of the road which has involved traffic lights for a couple of weeks already.

Today’s jam in Ferndale Road.

This morning they suddenly shut off Dead Mill Lane and a route through to Camden causing havoc. Our road jammed solid and so did the Gloucester Road leading down to the London Road junction.

… and the jam on the Gloucester Road.

I have no idea if this is just for the day? None of us residents have been told anything about how we are being affected and what is being done. Even our local councillor was sent just a map of where the roads would be closed but without an explanation as to what is happening.

I have asked B&NES and W&W Utilities for  comment.

Into town where l am pleased to see the limited bike racks are back in place outside the Guildhall. The signs they bore – explaining how they would be removed for the Remembrance Day parade – have gone but the plastic tags used to keep the information attached are still in place. Obviously no one had a pair of clippers to take them off! More street litter.

Why weren’t the tags cut off?

Hows this for Christmas decorations? A shop in George Street painting its particular part of the town a definite red.

Spot the reindeer?

While the Christmas Market huts are starting to be assembled, l had a bit of a shock in Milsom Street where traditional festive light-bearing chandeliers have been replaced with glitter balls.

We’re having a ball(s) in Milsom Street!

I will leave the commenting to you.