New homes – and a new way into the Lido?

Until recently, the north east end of this terrace in Hampton Row –  the derelict bit nearest the railway line – was on the notorious list of the ‘Top Ten Eyesores in Bath’.

It’s been a horrible first view of Bath for rail travellers for many years!

These former homes have been empty since the early 70’s when the local authority announced they would be demolished to allow a new relief road through the area.

A Top Ten eye-sore – that was.

The houses were compulsorily purchased but the plan never came to fruition.

Derelict and – until recently – roofless, numbers 11 to 14 are owned by Paul Stevens who has kept B&NES planning department busy in recent years with various applications concerning their future.

New roof joists are in place and two roofs have already been completely re-instated.

Anyone who looks over the wall  separating railway from canal – can now see he has a team of workmen busy putting new roofs on his properties.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 15.06.40
An extract from the planning application for sash windows at Hampton Row.

He has applied for permission to install sash windows and would seem serious in getting these three-bedroomed properties back in use.IMG_9854

I have heard one gentleman who was turned out of the terrace – back in 1974 – is now hoping to return as the proud owner of a newly-refurbished home.

Of course, behind this row lies the wonderful Cleveland Pools. Having recovered from an HLF ‘No’ to funding for their restoration, trustees and friends have been cheered by the lottery people asking them to re-apply. That doesn’t happen often and they have higher hopes of getting a ‘Yes’ second time around.

IMG_9853 2
The Pools lie behind the terrace.

It would help if this riverside lido with a great history had better access. Perhaps Paul Stevens might allow them another access at the rail track end of his terrace?

A point l shouted over to the builders. Not sure about that – said one. The gardens behind will be restored too and there’s no room, but maybe the lido people should buy the end house and then folk can go through there?

Would it help if the Cleveland Pools Trust were able to buy the end house?

What a great idea. Can someone stump up the money?

By the way, this road once led to a rail station – Hampton Row Halt – which opened in 1907 but was closed as an economy measure during World War 1 and never reopened when peace came.

The way up to the footbridge that linked the station platforms.

The footbridge at this point was originally built to link the platforms on either side of the track.