Sarah’s poppies.

With the Centenary of the end of World War l being acknowledged this year, a Bath  resident has decided to combine her hobby of knitting – and love for her community – to remember all the ‘fallen’ listed on the memorial at St Michael’s Church in Twerton where she lives.

Local campaigner, Sarah Moore has started to knit a garland of poppies – one for each of the individuals named – to be hung on the memorial on 11th November – exactly 100 years to the day the Armistice was signed.

The War Memorial at Twerton Church.

She is hoping to get people to sponsor each of the poppies to help raise money to be shared between the Royal British Legion and a local charity.

As part of this remembrance, she has contacted the local Football Club who have agreed to get involved in organising the event and Sarah has also get a number of people in different countries to join with her and do a similar commemoration garland where they live.

Sarah at work on her knitted poppies.


Sarah said:  “We are hoping to put together a bigger celebration of remembrance this year and are looking for old photographs of the area together with any information relatives or other residents may have of the men listed to form part of the display.

The local church has also been contacted to hopefully be able to display the information as well as asking local schools if they would like to organise a children’s choir to sing at a service by the war memorial at the Church”. 

A more detailed update will be provided a little later in the year when full details of the service are known, in the meantime if anyone has any information they would like to contribute, please do contact Sarah Moore via