Bath’s getting browned off.

Here’s hoping some week-end downpours can bring much-needed relief to Bath’s former green spaces.

Dead? shrubs at the engtrance to the Manvers Street car park.

This car park in Manvers Street illustrates the damage that is being done to shrubs that are not being watered – by Nature or humankind.

Dead and dying shrubs in Manvers Street.

Let’s pray for rain?

Maybe we should be holding special prayers for rain?

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  1. Received the following email:

    “Richard, it’s a huge waste of money that semi- mature trees planted near Churchill Bridge on the South bank this spring are not being watered and are now dying. Another case of money for capital expenditure but not for on going maintenance?

    See also the huge sums spent on paving Sawclose which looks horrible now it’s not being cleaned properly. Gull shit and food detritus everywhere.”

    Pete Clark.

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