‘Mr Clean’

The city our millions of tourists briefly visit is not the same as the one Bathonians have to live in.


Their coaches add to the constant central pollution the local authority has been told to clean up and the government has set a 2021 deadline to do it too.

A Clean Air Zone is the proposal and citizens are currently being asked for their views on various proposals. The local MP doesn’t think Council plans are radical enough.


Maybe its time to pedestrianise the whole city centre! But will that kill business?


Meanwhile, there are other pollutants to deal with.  Domestic rubbish and street litter are also high on the ‘clean up’ agenda with news now that the Universities have been drawn in to help bear the cost of clearing rubbish once the students move out.


Then there’s the gulls!


If anyone can lay claim to the title of ‘Mr Clean’ its Cllr Bob Goodman – B&NES Cabinet member for Development and Neighbourhood. It’s his job to deal with these issues and he’s determined to stay the course.

Bath Newseum met him in Parade Gardens to go through his ‘hit’ list.

So let’s start with that public consultation about a Clean Air Zone. What are the people of Bath saying?

Pleased to say – the day after our interview – the steps of the Guildhall have been cleaned!

Good to see the gull mess has been​ cleaned off the Guildhall steps!

But across the road bags of rubbish were on the pavement until around 10.15 am and the residue remaining looks disgusting.