Something else needs some loving.

Elsewhere on this website l have been busy pushing for some combined action to save the crumbling fountain in Laura Place from maybe ending up as another flower bed rather than a cascading watery celebration of Bath’s hot and cold springs.

Filled but not functioning?

Pleased to say that there is a bit of a ‘stirring’ amongst potentially interested parties – so we will have to wait to see what happens.

However, just streets away, Bath Newseum regular Bob Draper tells me about another smaller public street adornment that could do ‘with a little love.’

The vandalised kiosk at the bottom of Gravel Walk.

He’s referring to the delapidated public phone kiosk at the bottom of the steps leading up to Gravel Walk.

‘Time for Bath Newseum to hustle for a group of caring Bathonians to ‘adopt’ this telephone box?’…. says Bob.

It really is a sorry sight to see. How proud we were of our red telephone boxes at one time.

Pleased to give this example of what once was a proud public part of our telephone service a bit of exposure. It is in a hell of a mess.

Panes of glass are lying on the kiosk floor.

Bob draws my attention to an ‘Adopt a kiosk’ scheme run by BT.

You can find out more by clicking on this address.

Below is the first part of the website that will open.

“The Adopt a Kiosk scheme enables your community to retain its iconic red kiosk. It is open to the following bodies:

  • Recognised local authority (e.g. District/Borough Council)
  • Parish/Community/Town Council or equivalent
  • Registered charity or Community Interest Company
  • Private landowner. (Anyone who has one of our telephone boxes on their land.”

Maybe someone could pick up this challenge. Surely, as city dwellers, we should all try to share some community responsibility where we can take action!